2019 Spring Term 2

The know zone

  • Policy refresh
    ASCL's newly appointed Pay and Conditions Specialist Louise Hatswell shares top tips on making sure that your pay and appraisal policies are up to scratch. More
  • Internal data
    Ofsted is consulting on its plans for a new inspection framework, due to commence in September 2019. As part of the draft proposals, the inspectorate is proposing not to look at schools' internal data. Here, Stephen Rollett explores the reasoning behind this proposal, why some leaders are concerned and what members might do in response. More
  • Social partnership
    Colleges across the UK currently educate and train around 2.7 million people and are calling for 'a new social partnership' with students, employers, unions and governments. Kevin Gilmartin examines how this partnership can enable us to become a successful, productive and lifelong learning society. More
  • Nature nurture
    ASCL Council Member Lilian Taylor-Bell is Headteacher of Leyland St James' (Aided) Primary in Lancashire, where much of the learning takes place outside the classroom. Here she shares her school's insights and talks about being on ASCL Council. More
  • Recruitment retention
    What are your thoughts on the government's Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy: Will it help to alleviate recruitment and retention pressures at your school or college? Does it go far enough? Here, ASCL members share their views... More
  • We're here for you
    Contacting the Hotline: ASCL members who are concerned about leadership issues should call 0116 299 1122 or email hotline@ascl.org.uk More
  • Tempus fugit
    Schools obviously operate in their own unique time zones. How else can you explain why the exam season comes around so quickly, why pupils grow facial hair seemingly overnight and why it suddenly takes longer for experienced teachers to climb the stairs? More
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Contacting the Hotline: ASCL members who are concerned about leadership issues should call
0116 299 1122 or email hotline@ascl.org.uk

Weíre here for you

One of the key reasons school and college leaders join ASCL is to tap into the individual support and advice offered by the Associationís Member Support Department, which has 40 staff based across the UK. The department includes 6 Hotline Officers, 11 Regional Officers and 12 Field Officers, all of whom work very closely with ASCLís Legal Team comprising 4 Solicitors. The Member Support Department is led by Director Richard Tanton with support from Deputy Director Mike Smith, and Rachel Bertenshaw is Hotline Leader.

Knowing that thereís someone on the other end of the line who truly understands education leadership issues, and knowing someone is there to listen, no matter what the topic or concern, is reassuring for our members, especially in a constantly evolving education system.

Five facts about the ASCL Hotline:

  • ASCL provides members with a dedicated telephone Hotline service, 365 days of the year.
  • During the last full academic year (Sept 2017-Sept 2018), the ASCL Hotline dealt with a massive 6,487 enquiries from members.
  • On average, thatís 30-40 calls each school day.
  • Some of the most frequent topics for the enquiries that our Hotline takes from members, relate to conditions of service, and disciplinary and capability issues.
  • ASCL Hotline is staffed by an experienced team who were all previously school or college leaders, on standby, to help with your enquiries.