2019 Autumn Term 2

The know zone

  • Reception baseline assessments
    ASCL Primary Specialist, Tiffnie Harris, gives an update on the new Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA) pilots and says while overall feedback has been positive, there are some concerns. More
  • Building strong foundations
    Business Leadership Specialist, Hayley Dunn, shares top tips to help you work effectively with your school business leader. More
  • Collaboration wins the day
    Deputy Director of Policy, Duncan Baldwin, on why collaboration gets a 'gold star' and the DfE gets 'must do better'. More
  • Internal scrutiny
    While the new Academies Financial Handbook adds more regularity burdens on trusts, if employed correctly, the scrutiny undertaken can add significant value to trusts and reassure trustees that key risks are being mitigated effectively, says James Taylor from Cooper Parry. More
  • Mobile coverage
    Do you allow mobile phones to be used in class or do you have an outright ban on usage? Are they useful or are they a hindrance in your school or college? Here, ASCL members share their views. More
  • Equality for all
    Chief Executive Officer Kamal Hanif OBE has been a member of ASCL Council since 2015 and is on the Council's Ethics, Inclusion and Equalities Committee. More
  • Little wonders
    A new intake of 11 year-olds is a colourful, joyous - and well-equipped - thing to behold. If only we could bottle that initial courage and infectious passion for later years, says one head. More
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Chief Executive Officer Kamal Hanif OBE has been a member of ASCL Council since 2015 and is on the Councilís Ethics, Inclusion and Equalities Committee.

Equality for all

Tell us about your role

Iím the Chief Executive Officer of the Waverley Education Foundation Ė a multi-academy trust in Birmingham. The trust has two schools, a 4Ė19 all-through school with 1,850 students and a 14Ė19 studio college with 236 students. The schools are based in Bordesley Green, an area with high deprivation in Birmingham.

Why did you decide to become an ASCL Council member?

I was invited to join Council by the then ASCL Parliamentary and Inclusion Specialist, Anna Cole; we had worked together on the governmentís Prevent agenda and how to implement it in schools. It was Annaís focus on inclusion and equalities that inspired me to join. Being on Council has deepened my knowledge of these specialist issues and also given me the opportunity to engage at a wider strategic level on inclusion and equalities.

Why did you decide to get into teaching/leadership?

I went into leadership to help make a greater impact on young people and support a wider range of pupils across schools, to ensure they have the equality of opportunity and access to continue to achieve the very best for their futures.

Tell us about a moment in your working life that made you feel proud?

Once, I had to visit the accident and emergency department at my local hospital because Iíd suffered from a severe allergic reaction.

To my amazement, the doctor who treated me was one of the first pupils who I had taught science to early on in my career. He was so excited to see me that I did have to remind him that I actually needed urgent treatment. He got a little carried away chatting and asking about his old school and all the staff. That for me was a proud moment Ė to see him at work helping to save lives.

If thereís one piece of advice you could give to someone starting in a school or college leadership position today, what would it be?

Donít expect to always get it right and if someone has an issue, even though it may not seem important to you, remember, itís important to them, and, finally, donít forget your values and humanity.

How do you like to unwind?

I love cooking and I cook for all the staff, and sometimes the pupils, a couple of times a year to help bring the school family together.

Whatís your favourite book and your favourite film of all time?

Iíve never really been a bookworm but I do watch films now and again Ė some of my favourites are Bollywood Blockbusters such as Khabhi Khushi Khabi Gham, Veer Zara as well as My Name is Khan and Crash.

ASCL Council

For more details on how you can become a Council member, please email ASCL Director of Policy Julie McCulloch at Julie.mcculloch@ascl.org.uk

We are particularly keen to encourage people from currently under-represented groups including women and people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, to put themselves forward.

For further information see www.ascl.org.uk/council