July 2012

The know zone

  • Water-tight contracts
    Along with greater freedom and independence, schools also now have the huge responsibility of procuring the services of reliable contractors. Schools and colleges need to have their wits about them as Richard Bird explains More
  • Rate of return
    How do you convert time into money? Sam Ellis explains the many complexities of this question and looks at how schools can get value for money when deploying their staff. More
  • Lead vocals
    Quotes from Michael Jordan, Michaelangelo, Audrey Hepburn, Carl Sagan and Thomas Fuller More
  • Fame academy
    Vic Goddard is principal of Passmores Academy in Harlow, which is the school featured in Channel 4’s BAFTA-nominated documentary series, Educating Essex. More
  • Summing up
    Aviva’s Paying for It scheme gets students thinking about finances – their own and the nation’s. More
  • Adding value
    ASCL members can save money More
  • Fishing for staff?
    What is the most effective way to recruit and retain the best graduates as teachers? The parliamentary Education Select Committee has put forward its own ideas, ranging from higher pay and performance bonuses to sabbatical scholarships and a Royal College of Teaching. Here, leaders share their own views. More
  • Leaders' surgery
    Exams: Double the trouble? and Are exclusions a 'fine' thing More
  • A slippery slope?
    Struggling schools need the best heads to turn them around. But the fear of being sacked if they do not succeed quickly is deterring outstanding leaders from taking on these tough roles and undermining attempts to tackle social mobility, says Brian Lightman. More
  • Skirting the issue
    Long-serving heads will have particular targets in mind as retirement approaches. Going before you’re pushed is clearly crucial. After that, it’s all about the legacy you will leave, says Dennis Richards. More
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Adding value

ASCL members can save money

This year has seen a further squeeze on school budgets, with school running costs increasing and funding being reduced. It’s a difficult time for schools, leading many to look for new ways of saving money. Does this sound like you?

A typical secondary school spends £45,377 per year on printing and £10,000 per year on broadband. Do you know the options for getting better value for money over the total cost of ownership for printers and connectivity?

The management information system (MIS) is the cornerstone of a modern school but with the market described as “uncompetitive and stagnant” it has not been the best place to find savings, until now.

The newly launched Information Management and Learning Services (IMLS) Framework from RM has been created to enable a simple, legally compliant and cost-effective method for the procurement of MIS systems.

In addition RM Education is issuing a Budget Challenge, an innovative new way of helping schools trim their spending in key areas – including internet connectivity, MIS and printing costs. By switching some of your services to RM Education schools are saving thousands of pounds a year.

One of the benefits of ASCL membership is discounts and special rates on a range of personal and educational products and services. There are healthcare products, online staff well-being systems, fi nancial advice and self-evaluation surveys. Check out the full list at www.ascl.org.uk