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ASCL KS2/KS3 Language Learning Transition Toolkit Ė new resources

Following the launch of the KS2/KS3 French Transition Toolkit, ASCL together with ALLís Primary Steering Group (www.all-languages.org.uk/primary-2/) have now developed a Spanish KS2/KS3 transition toolkit to help create a successful bridge between language learning in primary and secondary settings.

The aim of these resources is to provide an informed, actionable base for secondary modern foreign languages (MFL) teachers to build upon, so teachers can organise learning in a way that allows pupils to demonstrate what they already know and how well they have explored and retained this knowledge.

Find out more and download the toolkits at www.ascl.org.uk/MFLKS2Toolkit A toolkit for German will be available shortly.

You can also read how a coalition of organisations including ASCL and the British Academy are working together to tackle the decline in language learning on by clicking here.